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After Sun Skin Care Products

After Sun Replenishing Skin Care Products

It’s the end of the summer and you may be well tanned! But did you think about your replenishing moisture care treatment?

Aha! I knew that was something that simply ‘escaped’ your mind! You probably thought that your regular light summer moisturizer would be enough! But unfortunately that is not quite correct.

After being in the sun you need a replenishing moisture care routine to enable your skin to repair the damage the sun has done. A great tan can be gorgeous but on a scaly, dry and wrinkled skin it can just look like worn out leather! And I am sure that is not what your intended to do when you went out to sunbath in your favorite bathing suit.

Replenishing your skin’s moisture needs to be deep and effective. There are several varieties of moisturizers on the market that present various solutions and you need to know what would suit you best.

There are body lotions that are light and get absorbed really fast into the skin, especially if that skin is dry. If your body lotion gets absorbed fast, you know you will need a richer moisturizer to give your skin the nourishment it needs.

There are body lotions that are thick and what I describe as “gooey” for the lack of a better word! =) These body lotions can be nourishing but also can clog the skin’s pores and then you are actually “choking” your skin’s breathing ability and that is NOT what you want. Remember, your skin is the largest organ in your body, it needs attention and care.

You will want to get a body lotion that gets absorbed well in your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft, moist but not oily, kind of silky feeling to it. The silky feeling of your skin is the skin’s way of saying to you “I am happy”! Imagine those tiny little skin cells and pores smiling and breathing in a relaxed way!

Selecting The Right Body Lotion

Did you ever think about this? How indeed do you select the right body lotion?

Well first you need to know that testing a sample on the back of your hand is not the way to go about it. Why?

Because the skin on our hands has different attributes and absorption levels than the rest of our body. Think about it, our hands are ALL the time exposed to the open air, to water, soaps, detergents, dirt, chemicals, heat, cold and much more. Our hand skin is more resilient than say your belly or inner thigh. So it makes sense that its absorption rate is different and the feeling you’d get out of a body lotion on your hands would be totally different!

So Where Do You Test Out a Body Lotion?

The best (and modestest) way to test out a body lotion would be on the inner side of your arm, the inner part of your elbow. That skin is tender and is most similar to the rest of your body’s skin. Test the body lotion on that section, massaging is well in until you feel that there is no more “cream to rub in”. Let it sit for a few minutes and feel it “dry out”. Then feel with the palm of your hand that section of skin. Is it sticky? Is it dry? did it get absorbed fast? or do you have a ‘silky’ feeling where you can ‘feel’ you skin’s happiness? =)

My Recommendation – For After Sun Moisturizing

My personal recommendation for a really good moisturizing body lotion that is of quality and nourishing for almost all skin types and states would be the After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care by Clarins. It is one of the better creams out there on the market and I highly recommend it for a nourished silky feeling. Plus, I must admit, I am a buff for good smelling body lotions, the aroma of this After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care is absolutely gorgeous and luxurious. Makes you feel like a million dollar and with a good tan…what would any woman want more?

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4 thoughts on “After Sun Skin Care Products

  1. This was an interesting read. I was looking for tips to pass along to my roommate because she’s well over 50, but I think some of these tips will even help me when it comes to allergies. I’m often reluctant to try new lotions and soaps because I might break out, but that tip about where to test new products will solve that problems. I’ll try it, and I’m going to forward this site to my roommate as well.

    1. Great LaShaun! Glad that I was able to assist you in some advice.  And yes, though my website speaks mostly to women, there is no reason why men could not benefit from the many advice that I give there, we are all human being after all and we all have skin and bones, and blood and everything… =)

      Hope your roommate enjoys…let her in to see my site too…she might like some other posts there=)

      Cheers, Orion

  2. I liked your article although I do not tan I love to use lotions to keep my skin feeling silky soft. I am one who test lotion on my hands. I didn’t even think about how your hands deal with all sorts of elements. But it is nice to learn something new and beneficial. I will be testing lotions on the inside of my elbow area. Thanks for the great information

    1. Hi Monica,

      I am glad I was able to be of advice. Yes, regardless of suntanning or not, keeping our body moisturized is important, as we do not produce any more natural moisture after the age of 18-20.

      Keep enjoying your summer!



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