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The 4 Best Age Spot Remover – You Must Try These!


Here I am recommending some of the Best Age Spot Removers on the market that come highly recommended and are Hydroquinone FREE!

Product #1: artnatural Vitamin C Serum


Best Age Spot RemoverThis Serum targets wrinkles, age, and sun spots with its Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. It has soothing Aloe, and hydrating Jojoba Oil which provides a recipe for reviving the collagen production and restores the skin’s natural radiance. Other powerhouse age-and-damage repair ingredients include Gotu Kola to diminish crow’s feet and dark spots, Horsetail Extract to keep skin germ-free, Dandelion Extract for skin’s tone, and Wild Geranium Extract to brighten and tighten skin. This Vitamin C Serum comes with Hyaluronic Acid which is fast absorbing and fast acting. Its gentle formulation won’t cause irritation, making it ideal even for sensitive skin.



Product #2: La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Dark Spot Serum

This serum treats Dark spots, pigment flaws, and dull and uneven complexion.

PIGMENTCLAR INNOVATION is the La Roche-Posay slogan fort this anti-dark spot serum with long-lasting efficacy* which offers a global correcting approach, to visibly even-out the complexion, with lasting efficacy.

With its highly concentrated [LHA], this serum offers gentle surface exfoliation to quickly unify the complexion.

Thanks to its powerful anti dark-spot complex [PhE-Resorcinol + Ginkgo + Ferulic Acid], it significantly reduces the dark spots and pigment irregularities. It is light, hydrating and has a fluid texture that promotes active ingredient absorption

Clinically proven results*:

– Instantly after use: the complexion is unified, the skin tone becomes fresh and luminous.

– After 4 weeks: the appearance of dark spots and pigment irregularities are visibly reduced.

– After 8 weeks: dark spots appear significantly decreased. Their intensity and color look reduced.

Long-lasting efficacy**

Anti-dark spot efficacy helps to maintain long-lasting skin uniformity and radiance.

* Cosmeto-clinical studies on 51 subjects.

** The serum’s efficacy continues even 3 weeks after the application cessation (application during 12weeks)

Product #3: Proactiv+ Advanced Dark Spot Correcting Serum

Now you can fade and renew unwanted dark spots left behind by cleared acne blemishes with the new Advanced Dark Spot Correcting Serum. This advanced treatment serum with maximum-strength skin lightening medicine is one of the most effective serums you can buy without a prescription! It helps to gradually fade dark marks caused by sun damage, like freckles, age, and liver spots. It goes on invisibly-even under makeup-and is the ideal complement to the Proactiv+ 3-Step System to treat post-acne marks.




Product #4: Dark Spot Corrector Best Dark Skin Age Spot Remover for Face, Hands, Body No Hydroquinone



Whitening Labs Dark Spot Corrector is made in the US with domestically and sustainably sourced ingredients formulated by their team of a highly skilled dermatologist.

Dark Spot Corrector removes the dark spots and age spots leading to an even skin tone making your skin more beautiful and radiant.

Dark Spot Corrector

Advance Clinical Treatment Skin Whitening Solution for your Dark Spots.

✔ Can be effectively used for Skin Lightening and Skin Whitening.

✔ Directly tackles age spots, liver spots, brown spots.

✔ Contains dermatologist crafted ingredients tested for efficiency and results.

✔ Suitable for daily use on ALL skin types, including sensitive and combination skin

✔Made in small batches at our women-owned FDA inspected facility in USA

So What Are Dark Spot Removers All About? 

As we age our skin starts to change and becomes more and more sensitive to outside influences as well as our inner body balance. One of the effects of these sensitivities is Dark Spots!

There are several names of these Dark spots, such as Age Spots, Sunspots, and also known as Liver spots. They can be seen on the hands and uneven skin tone around the face, and the chest and arms.

What Are Dark Spots

Dark Spots can be triggered by prolonged sun exposure, hormonal factors or acne damage. These unwanted blemishes can add up to ten years to your appearance!

Generally, dark spots are caused by the sun that is why skin care specialists refer to dark spots as sun spots.

In most cases, dark spots are instigated by a root problem, such as Melasma, a skin darkening symptom resulting from various bodily changes such as pregnancy, birth control, and other hormonal therapies.

Dark spots on the face can typically be effortlessly removed with the right dark spot remover to fade and lighten the underlying hyperpigmentation. How can you distinguish the difference between age spots, liver spots and dark spots? How do you remove dark spots on the face? How can you get rid of age spots for good? After analyzing a handful of the best age spot removers here are the results.

The Most Popular

Some of the most popular dark spot removers are manufactured by well-known brands such as; Garnier, Proactiv, L’Oreal, Clinique, and Olay.

These products can be very cost effective but not all are necessarily the most effective products on the market.

Dark spot removers give us a way of how to get rid of age spots and these are best delivered in serum form as they are more concentrated, and their molecular composition is easier for the skin pores to absorb, but cream-based dark spot removers can be as effective on the skin.

If you have dark spots that are caused by acne, it is recommended that you seek a professional diagnosis from a dermatologist before beginning treatment.

This review is specifically for over the counter products. An effective dark spot remover must have two functions, it not only needs to shed the upper layers of the skin but it also needs to inhibit melanin production.

When you visit a dermatologist, they provide you with two products to target dark spots, but these are questionable as to their ‘safety’, and usage is limited.

The first is Hydroquinone, which is a melanin blocker. The second is Retina A, this is a Vitamin derivative that peels the upper layers of the skin.

Using these two treatment products together will fade even the worst age spots over time. It’s important to be patients though as results can take time. Personally, I would advise you to review these two chemicals before “jumping” to get them – even if the results are raved on about – these are chemical compounds that need to be treated cautiously and in the correct way.

You can accelerate those results with laser facial treatments or IPL, such as Fraxel or Elos. But as you are probably aware, these are rather costly! And in my opinion, invasive.

Otherwise, if you’re patient, you can use an over the counter product that will gradually lighten the dark spots. You might not notice that they are lightening but if you take a picture you will see the difference after a few months. It’s very important you wear a sunblock when using dark spot removers.

Should You Use a Dark Spot Remover?

Dark spots on skin are a common problem faced by adults as they age. The unsightly blemishes tend to appear most frequently on the face and hands and can become particularly troublesome to get rid of.

Even though chemical peels and professional skin care techniques have the effective means for getting liberated from sun spots, they can be pricey and may cause inflammation and irritation; which lead many to look for the best dark spot remover as an effective substitute to cosmetic procedures.

Unfortunately, some topical treatments also have a variety of downsides; such as potentially severe side-effects, and the deterring fact that topical treatments tend to work overtime, instead of showing immediate results.

Causes of Dark Spots

In most cases, people with frequent exposure to the sun need a dark spot remover or those who have had severe sunburns.

Contrary to previous generation’s beliefs, these skin discolorations have nothing to do with the liver but are caused by our body’s natural reaction to UV radiation. The reason for this is, as the sun’s rays hit our skin, our body uses special cells, melanocytes, located in the epidermis, to produce a shielding chemical, melanin, to neutralize radiation so that we can retain healthy skin.

Unfortunately, there is a need for a dark spot remover when the body produces too much melanin in certain areas of the skin, leading the dark pigment to clump together, thus creating the appearance of sunspots on the face, and so requiring the use of a dark spot remover.

How a Dark Spot Remover Works

Topical dark spot remover creams tend to fall into two categories: Skin Brighteners and Exfoliants.

“Skin brighteners” is a general term for ingredients that change your skin’s chemistry to produce less melanin pigment. Hydroquinone, for example, is a well-known skin brightener that works by inhibiting an enzyme called tyrosinase, which is crucial in the production of melanin pigment. By blocking the enzyme, a dark spot remover that uses hydroquinone slows the production of further pigment, and troublesome areas with liver spots begin to fade.

However, it is important to remember that melanin is not just an unintentional byproduct, but our body’s defense mechanism against UV radiation. Therefore, by using even the best dark spot remover with hydroquinone, or another melanin-blocking ingredient (like azelaic acid, for example), you are weakening your natural defenses against UV radiation. This can lead to the development of skin cancer and early aging of the skin.

To avoid the risk associated with tyrosinase blockers in dark spot remover creams, some people turn to exfoliating creams and masks to speed up cell regeneration. By cycling out the damaged skin cells, these dark spot remover creams can help fade sun spots on the face and hands, but they will take longer to show results. The more popular exfoliating ingredients in dark spot removers are alpha hydroxy acids, like salicylic and lactic acids; Bromelain, an exfoliating enzyme; and Retinol, which technically belongs to the hydroxy acid group, and is well-known for stimulating cell turnover.

Dark Spot Remover

In your effort to get rid of dark spots, it’s important to avoid unpleasant, and sometimes permanent, side effects. As already mentioned, the use of dark spot remover products with hydroquinone can lead to skin cancer and permanent skin discolorations, which is why the use of this ingredient is heavily regulated throughout the world. Facial exfoliators can also cause problems such as swelling and irritation if the cream is used too often, or the concentration of the active acids is too strong in the dark spot remover.

My Conclusion & Recommendations

So after reviewing all these facts, we are left with a range of dark spots remover products that you may well choose from without having to concern yourself with skin cancer and possible side effects. Of course that everyone’s body is different, so it is up to you to try and find out what suits you best.

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2 thoughts on “The 4 Best Age Spot Remover – You Must Try These!

  1. Hi There!
    Excellent explanation about dark spots, there causes and remedial measures.
    I was using Garnier night and day creams and it was useful to some extent.But since I prefer to use natural products I left using it. I learn that Art natural Vitamin C Serum Is a natural product. I will give a try to this product.
    Do you Recommend anything among the other 3 products?
    Thanks for an unbiased review.

    1. Hi Prabakaran, thanks for dropping by, my personal recommendation would depend on the person’s personal skin type and condition, all of the products are good and give results, it all depends on the individual. 

      Personally I would use for myself the Artnatural Vitamin C Serum – because that suits my skin type, but for someone else the Whitening Labs Dark Spot Corrector Cream could be very effective.

      Keep Enjoying Your Handsomeness! 


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