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Sensitive Skin Care Products – Do You Know What They Are?

Sensitive Skin Care Products

There are a few basic rules that show what are the best Sensitive Skin Care Products.

But, even before we go into the rules for best sensitive skin care products, it’s important to understand what sensitive skin is.

Above all, it is important to know that there is a remedy for sensitive skin!

What is Sensitive Skin?

What is the truth about sensitive skin?

Well, sensitive skin is the type of skin that is unable to tolerate any unfavorable conditions (environmental/other), and which easily gets irritated on contact with foreign materials (including skin care products).

For this reason, some products are specially labeled as sensitive skin care products.

The degree of sensitivity can, however, vary from person to person (and depending on that, the sensitive skin care procedures vary too).

Sensitive Skin Care Products - Do You Know What They Are?

Generally, all skin types don’t respond well to detergents and other chemical based products.

However, the damage starts generally beyond a defined threshold (or tolerance level).

For sensitive skins the tolerance level is very low, leading to skin irritation and from there the damage is done very easily and quickly.

The good news is that sensitive skin care products either avoid the potential irritants or keep them at very low concentrations.

How To Better Your Skin Condition

When you think about it, your skin did not “become” sensitive overnight!

And really, drilling down to it, you will find that your body did not just decide to “rebel” against you, and strike you “down” with sensitive skin.

In fact, sensitive skin is a symptom that says volumes about your lifestyle choices up to now and the environment you live in.

Sensitive Skin Care Products - Do You Know What They Are?

Yes, babies have sensitive skins, they are new to this world and need to build their resilience to it.

That is why doctors recommend that as mother’s we breastfeed our babies to give them all the needed resilience they need, that is how we are constituted.

Mother nature knows exactly what we need!  But as we grow up we are able to build more and more resilience by the choice of foods we eat, or not!

Our skin is a reflection of what is going on “inside” of us, both chemically, organically and psychologically.

So, when you stop to think about it, you can find what it is that your body actually wants to say!

Once you know, it is then your choice to change or not!

Here are a Few Tips For Sensitive Skin Care:

Sensitive Skin Care Products - Do You Know What They Are?

Use sensitive skin care products only (i.e. the products that are clearly marked for sensitive skin care only).

Also, check the instructions/ notes on the product to see if there are specific restrictions/warnings associated with the product).

Even within the range of sensitive skin care products, choose the one that has minimum preservatives, colorings, and other additives.

  1. Avoid alcohol based toners. There are many of toners that are alcohol based and are not recommended for sensitive skins.
  2. Wear protective gloves when doing laundry or another chemical-based cleaning.  If you are allergic to rubber, you can wear cotton gloves below the rubber ones.
  3. Another important tip for ‘sensitive skin care’ is to avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Apply sunscreen lotion before getting out in the sun.
  4. Avoiding exposure to dust and other pollutants is also important for sensitive skin care. So, cover yourself adequately before going out.
  5. Use hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic moisturizer as a sensitive skin care product (if there is none specifically labeled as a sensitive skin care product)
  6. Use soap-free and alcohol-free cleansers.
  7. Do not scrub or exfoliate too hard. It can cause reddish-ness and even inflammation.
  8. Do not leave the makeup on for too long. Use hypoallergenic makeup-removers.

So, as you can see, sensitive skin care is very different from the normal skin care.

Caring for your sensitive skin is more about being careful with your skin (both in terms of sensitive skin care products and protection against environments atrocities on the skin) than anything else.

My Conclusion on Sensitive Skin & Advice

Sensitive Skin Care Products - Do You Know What They Are?

If you are truly interested in solving your skin sensitivities then I personally would advise you to first look internally at your lifestyle, your eating habits, your drinking habits and the environment you live in.

What, in those areas, do you think cause your body to react?

Where, do you think, have you been overexposed (sun, chemicals, foods etc..).

The point here is to be absolutely honest with yourself.  No one is here to judge you! (And please don’t judge yourself!).

Find out what is the power of inner observation can do for the betterment of your skin condition.

Then, after uncovering these and understanding what it is that causes your sensitivity, implement the changes needed to help your body become stronger and cleaner.

Of course, this does not mean to ignore the help that is available out there as far as products are concerned.

I personally, always use alcohol-free cleansers and toners. Why irritate my skin unnecessarily! =)

For more information on Sensitive Skin Care products click this link.

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