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The Best Facial Moisturizer How To’s – Tricks of The Trade!

Do You Know How To Apply Your Facial Moisturizer?

And you are probably thinking….”is there a correct way to apply” my Facial Moisturizer?

Yes, there is! 

It’s not that big of a secret, but it is good to note and its never too late to learn!

Almost every-time I have watched a Skin Care product commercial, specifically face moisturizer commercials, you can see a young (flawless) woman swiping the cream on her face with outward strokes, giving the observer the feeling of freshness and “opening up”, supposedly “sweeping away” all the wrinkles, worries and blemishes on the way!

Really…. psychologically it is the perfect presentation. Think about it! We actually go and do exactly the same strokes thinking, and secretly hoping, that we will get the same “flawless” younger looking skin as the girl in the commercial!

That is where we fall! ….

How to Correctly Apply Skin Care Moisturizer?

So what is the big deal of applying your Facial Moisturizer? Over the years it accumulates to stretching the skin and creating more “wonderful” wrinkles and stretch marks we really don’t want! Simple!

Think about it.  Your skin is a supple, elastic membrane that keeps its elasticity with collagen which we naturally produce in our bodies until the age of 16 to 18 (depending on your genes).  Once that is gone we need to supplement our skin from outside – in, makes sense right?

Now, if you keep on pulling at your skin, stretching it outward, you will cause it to loosen even more!

Just try to stretch a thick elastic band over and over and over again…you will see, before it “tears”, it starts having stretch marks and wrinkles. That is exactly what happens to your skin!

So when applying your facial moisturizer make sure to do the gestures in my video:

You will see what are the desired stroke gestures to apply your facial moisturizer. You will notice that the strokes around the eyes and on the cheeks are going “inwards” and on the neck “upwards” – these are important to remember!!

That is where all the difference is made!! It does take a little time to get used to, actually, you will find that keeping at this new routine for three weeks (21 days) will get you quite used to it and then you won’t have to even think about it!

Applying correctly your facial moisturizer is the best way to keep those wrinkles at bay and your skin looking fresh and good looking.

Important note: Applying your facial moisturizer to your neckline is just as important as your face, as it is just as exposed to the sun, wind and drying conditions as your face, it needs the same TLC!

You are invited to let me know how you get on with this new routine and how you feel!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or want to leave your own personal opinion, leave a comment below.”

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2 thoughts on “The Best Facial Moisturizer How To’s – Tricks of The Trade!

  1. Hi Orion, I enjoyed reading your post. I learned something new here. I used to do it the other way around and this is the first time I was told it is the wrong way. But you are right, it makes sense. I should have learned your technique long before and spared my facial skin all that stretching. From now on, I will be doing it your way and I start now. Thank you for this wonderful post and for sharing with us your technique.

    1. Hi Rebecca, thanks again for coming bye. Yes, these techniques are what one would think essential to any good skin care routine but yet not many people know it or teach it! 

      Glad I was able to help out on this one. You are welcome to visit again to see the newest tips and tricks as I write them in.

      You might be interested in some good skin care creams, so here is a link to some really good products for you.

      Click here!

      Keep Enjoying Your Beauty


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