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What is The Power of Clarins Extra Firming Neck Cream – Review

This is a Prime Time Product!

Understanding what is the power of Clarins Extra Firming Neck Cream is simply a must!

There are times when we all need an extra beauty boost. Especially now, in the “party season” when we eat, drink and for those of us who smoke, we tend to smoke a little more than usual, all this puts a strain on our body and our skin, and it shows!


We need to take extra care of our neck’s skin in those “crazy” times, not to mention the weather adding its bit to our overall well being! Whether we are in the northern hemisphere where it is cold, or in the southern hemisphere where the summer sun can dry us out all the more!

Clarins has come with the answers to all our possible neck ailments, as it visibly firms, tones and “lifts” for a smooth, youthful-looking neck.

It is the perfect solution for any and all weather conditions, and our personal daily schedules.

It is easy to use and does such a wonderful job – you cannot miss out on this great product!

What is In It?

The three main ingredients that MAKE the difference in this wonderful extra-firming Neck Anti-Wrinkle cream are Oats, Sunflowers & Sea Lettuce.

To understand a little more:

Oats – Avena sativa

Clarins Extra-Firming Neck Cream France

Used for centuries for food and by herbalists, oat has become extremely popular since research revealed its high content of vitamins and minerals.

In cosmetics, oat helps to moisturise and soften the skin, while the sugars from the grain have extreme firming powers for an immediate smoothing effect. Oat is indigenous to the European region and its medicinal properties have been appreciated for centuries. In the Middle Ages, Oat seeds were crushed and valued for their revitalizing and soothing action. In cosmetology, Oat moisturizes and possesses emollient effects in skin care formulations specifically for dry skin.

Sunflower – Helianthus annuus

Clarins Extra-Firming Neck Cream France

The name “Helianthus” from the Greek “helios” (sun) and “anthos” (flower), is derived from a legend of Greek mythology. In the myth, a young mortal falls in love with the god Helios and dies from love by constantly watching him. Moved by her plight, Helios turns her into a plant whose flower head follows the movement of the sun throughout the day.

In cosmetics, sunflower is used in many ways. The oil and wax from the seeds have moisturising and protective benefits. The oil cake, a product obtained from the seeds after extraction of the oil, has soothing properties. Finally, auxins, substances present in the sunflower stem, promote firmness and flexibility and have recognised firming and toning actions.

Sea lettuce – Ulva lactuca

Clarins Extra-Firming Neck Cream

Sea lettuce grows in deep water in most temperate and cold seas throughout the world. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it has long been eaten in Europe to supplement the diet. In Asia, it has been used for thousands of years as a condiment and nutritional supplement.

In cosmetics, sea lettuce extract promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and protects the skin from harmful internal factors producing a “plumping” and densifying effect.The ulva lactuca is a green algae that grows on rocks and becomes visible at low tide. With its big leaves, it resembles a head of lettuce.

Dietetic specialists eat it for its taste as well as for its rich vitamin C content (10 times more than an orange and twice as much vitamin A than cabbage). In cosmetology, it is used in most products based on marine extracts for its hydrating, refining, relaxing and anti-stress properties. Clarins specific complex, Sveltonyl, contains extracts of this algae.

What does it do?

  • Boosts radiance
  • Preps and moisturizes
  • Hydrates for 24 hours*
  • Helps protect skin from environmental aggressors
  • Lightweight and oil free

My Recommendation

With each passing day, Extra-Firming Neck Anti-Wrinkle Rejuvenating Cream preserves the softness, firmness and tone of the fragile neck area. A blend of Clarins’ Extra-Firming Complex and Sunflower Auxins helps firm and reduce wrinkles. Plumps and smoothes with Green Seaweed Extract. Immediately “lifts,” and supports this vulnerable skin with Oat Sugars. Delicate texture melts right in, without a greasy afterfeel. Ideal for women age 40 and over.

So as you can see this is an essential Anti-aging Neck cream that is a must in every woman’s cosmetic “repertoire” as it not only “heals” but protects AND prevents further damage to your gentle neck skin.

This is definitely the time to take advantage of Clarins special free gift when you spend over £25. Enter promotional code: CBFB001 at checkout!

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10 thoughts on “What is The Power of Clarins Extra Firming Neck Cream – Review

  1. What a great product! I am so glad I came across this article as I have been pondering about investing into firming my neck area. I had no idea of the plumping effects of sea lettuce, but it makes sense. I have been to the beach on low tide days recently, and sea lettuce is everywhere. Thank you for the informative review. Do you happen to know if they ship to the USA?

    1. Hello Colleen,
      The link on my site is to Amazon USA so you won’t have any trouble having it shipped to you. Just click on the link and you will be all set!
      Let me know how you enjoy this wonderful cream, it is always nice to hear feedback!
      Cheers – Orion

  2. Clarins is a name that has been around for a long time and that you can trust when it comes to skin.
    Firming Neck does improve the chest and chin integration.

    Thanks for promotional code. I’m purchasing some for my wife now.

    1. Hi Vince,
      Great you liked it, yes Clarins is a well reputable brand and I recommend it from personal experience – which has up to this day been just the best!!
      I am sure your wife will enjoy using this product!
      Cheers – Orion

  3. Very interesting review! I see a lot of different anti-aging products commercials and infomercials as of lately. I am usually a bit skeptical because how many products do we need that claim to do the same thing. But having a review that can give me a more up close description of a product helps in decision making. Since this product hydrates your skin, does that mean it would be good for dry skin?

    1. Hello Melissa,
      Thanks for your comment, and I am glad you liked my review. As for the Clarins Extra-Firming Neck Cream, it can be good for dry skin of course, but I would not use t solely for this purpose. I would complement it with CeraVe Moisturizing Cream as it is very hydrating and is especially for dry skin.
      When you combine the two together you will get a great hydrating effect.
      Hope this helps you out.
      Cheers, Orion

  4. Wow! This sounds wonderful!
    I love the way oatmeal makes my skin feel. I’ll definitely be checking into
    This cream as soon as I get back to my computer.

  5. This is such a good subject because a lot of women just ignore their necks until it’s too late. Our neck is almost as visible as our face! and, over years, if we tend to our faces and ignore our necks…well, it’s a visual disaster. Glad this product gets your stamp of approval!

    1. You are so right Penelope, a lot of women forget their neck until it is too late! Education from a young age is one of the remedies, but Clarins Extra Firming Neck Cream offers the next solution!
      You can have a look at my post about skin care routine – about how to treat your face AND neck over the years!(look at the video there)
      Cheers – Orion

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