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Lipsticks Top Tips

What would be the best Lipsticks Top Tips that will make your lips picture perfect?

There are so many advice out there about lipsticks, lip-liners, lip-gels…how do you know what to choose? And what would work best for you? Well of course that is very individual to each one of us.  So here I would like to sort out the “needles from the haystack”!

Depending on our skin tone, different colors will suit each of us, and I am sure you have already figured by now what is the best lip color for your.  In general there are four ‘tones’ that you should pay attention to.

  1. Winter – Cold colors, which are sharp and strong such as Fuscia Pink, Ruby Reds and such.
  2. Summer – Hot colors, which are Coral Pink, Watermelon Red, Tanned Brown
  3. Spring – Cool colors, such as Baby Pink, Salmon Pink,
  4. Autumn – Warm colors, Golden Pink, Bright Red, Browns


The colors mentioned above are just an example, you should check and see which color suits you best.


Lipsticks are very  convenient  as they are compact, provide color WITH moisture so that you can touch up anywhere on the go.  Due to their moisturizing attributes they usually don’t stay on too long on the lips, eating and drinking erodes them, smoking does so too.  The lipsticks that DO stay on, usually dry-out your lips so much that they are  not for everyday us. It seems that you cannot have the best of both worlds. And then there were….


Lip-liners, or lip pencils, come in various thickness and types. Some are “harder” meaning with less oils, and some are “soft”. Naturally, the softer the lip-liner, the more ‘oils’ it has in it, and like the lipsticks, they don’t stay on too long, though they last longer than lipsticks.  a “Long Lasting” technique I have found with lip-liners is:

  1. clean you lips well, making sure no moisturizing creams are left on them
  2. apply your facial foundation  – with a make-up sponge. Your fingers will have oil on them from the cream before!
  3. draw your lip-liner line and fill in with color
  4. dab your lips with some tissue paper
  5. reapply the lip-liner again filling all of your lips, again.

That’s it! Your lip-liner will stay on for hours! Yes, even after eating, drinking and smoking! Kissing….? I am not too sure =)

Lip Gloss

Lip-glosses are wonderful for a lush full look, on the go, and fresh look. They come usually in lighter shades and are not meant to be applied “heavily” on

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your lips.  They are usually applied ON TOP of an existing color, either lipstick or lip-liner, though you have to remember, once applied on top of lip-liner “long lasting” technique explained above, the long lasting effect will be dramatically downgraded, if not totally erased!

Usually, lip-glosses are best during summer, when you don’t want something too heavy and a quick ‘brush’ over your lips gives a gentle color glow.

In winter, lip-gloss on top of an intensive dramatic color will make your lips luscious and sensual, so you may opt to go for the ‘long lasting’ lip-liner technique with a strong dramatic Red, and top it of with a good luscious lip-gloss.

Lip Gels

Lip-gels come in small tubs and require their application with a lip brush. This might not be the most convenient or comfortable technique for all of us, but it is well known that applying lip colors with  a lip brush gives a very good proper spreading of the lip color and actually is more economical. Lip gels last much longer than lipsticks as far as usage time is concerned – not the time the color stays ON your lips.

Lip Gel Color pallette

Again there are lip-gels that are “long lasting” and they too tend to dry out the lips, so a lip gloss would be needed. What I don’t like with this technique is that the lip-gloss applicator then becomes “dirtied” by the lip color gel and so when you want to use it for another color it has already tainted the vial and the applicator with the first color, or the many other colors you may have used it with…so you don’t get a pure 100% color.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about the various types of lipsticks around  or want to leave your own personal review, you are welcome to leave a comment below.

Enjoy Your Beauty…





2 thoughts on “Lipsticks Top Tips

  1. Hi Orion I am a bit confused. Near the end of your article you talk about applying a lip gloss over a lip gel. You mentioned that the applicator becomes dirtied by the lip color gel. Are these applicators hard to clean? Would you need to get several applicators in order to protect the color?

    You would think that with the cost of these products they could come up with a better way to apply it without being contaminated.

    1. Hi Maureen, Thank you for your comment and yes indeed the idea of the lip gloss applicator getting dirtied from the lip gel is quite would have “occurred” to the manufacturers…but what can I say, that is how it is.  Cleaning the lip gloss applicator can be done with soap and warm water – but then you will also “waist” a lot of lip gloss that is “on” the applicator!

      I think you can try to apply with cotton Q-tips – a new one for each application – but that would waste a lot of gloss too….

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