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There is no shortage of skin care products, creams, and lotions in the market nowadays. Name an ailment, and  I am sure you will find the Skin Care Treatment or lotion for it, and other products.

As a result of ongoing research, and due to the ever-increasing demand, the number of Skin Care Treatment products seem to be on an ever ending increase. The Skin Care Lotion and the Skin Care Cream world are full of  very popular products. One thing though, is that there always seems to be a debate on which form is better, lotions or creams? And this question could be asked what is the power of a lotion and what is the power of a cream?

And then there is the debate of what is a beautiful skin? Do we truly know what skin care products can give us the desired results to a beautiful skin?

Lotions or Creams?

Well, there is no definitive answer to this. It seems more like a matter of personal choice. Understanding what is the power of each might give us some tips to beauty that can save us some precious time and money!

Naturally, greasy creams are surely less popular as compared to the non-greasy (or less greasy) ones. Since the application of Skin Care Creams is easier, they seem to be preferred (over lotions) in cases where the skin care product is not to be removed immediately after application.

So, Skin Care Creams seem more popular as face moisturizers than as cleansers or toners. For toners, watery lotions seem to be preferred over Skin Care Creams. Although there are some Skin Care Creams that act as toners too, but generally the toners are available in liquid form only.

As for cleansing, in the facial skin care products, lotions and Skin Care Creams are equally popular; however, the trend seems more towards milky lotions.

1. Why Creams

Do you know what is the beauty of facial creams? Well, creams are known to be most effective in keeping skin moisturized; hence, the most popular form of Skin Care Creams are moisturizers.

For that same reason, a lot of people tend to associate Skin Care Creams with dry and sensitive skin. Though it is true to a certain extent, Skin Care Creams are not only used for dry skin. They are also used for making products for oily skin e.g. vitamin A creams and sulfur creams that help reduce the rate of sebum production. Sebum being the oily skin culprit! As you can see, understanding what is the power of facial creams is a pivot point in your skin care treatment.

Skin Care Creams are also used for products that cater to skin disorders especially for disorders that require the application of the product over a small localized area. This is again due to the fact that Skin Care Creams are easier to apply (without wastage) on the affected area. However, in cases where the skin needs to be washed using a medicinal product, then a lotion is a better choice. Mostly, the manufacturers too, realize this fact, making it easier for you to choose between lotions and a Skin Care Creams.

Eye-creams and anti-aging creams are other examples where Skin Care Creams are preferred over its lotions counterparts, as they are able to maintain a higher concentration of the effective nourishing products than lotions.

2. Why Lotions

As explained above, lotions are used in a different way, for different products so to deliver a different result to the skin. As they are more “watery” they are absorbed much quicker in the skin, the lotion’s molecules being smaller and the “watery” solution being more conductive to the skin’s pores.

Cosmetic companies, therefore, make lotions for specific purposes, to attain maximum results. The basic rule of thumb in choosing a lotion is how dry or oily your skin is? How sensitive or resilient your skin is? What is the amount of sun / pollution exposure your skin is exposed to?

Here is a basic guideline (*note: this is only a recommendation and each one of us needs to take our own decision as to what is best suitable to ourselves).

  • Dry Skin – Cream
  • Oily Skin – Lotion
  • Sensitive Skin – Cream (hypoallergenic)
  • Resilient Skin – then it depends on whether it is dry or oily
  • A lot of Sun – Cream (preferably with high SPF protection)
  • A lot of pollution (ie: Mexico City) – Lotion with SPF protection & hypoallergenic
  • Dry cold weather – Rich Cream
  • Hot humid weather – SPF lotion
  • Hot dry weather – SPF strong cream
  • Cold humid weather – rich lotion

As you can see the list can be varied and long, it is all very individual, and may vary from place to place, circumstance to circumstance.

3. Your Age

skin care cream total

Your age plays an important role as to whether you will use a lotion or a cream. When we are younger, we produce collagen and so have a natural flow of moisturizers from within our body. Naturally, the place you live in and the foods you are used to eat will also affect how your skin will grow and develop.

For instance, you can notice how in Scandinavian countries the majority of young teenagers don’t have too much acne problems, their skin combination being genetically adjusted to a certain climate that makes acne less prominent. In middle eastern countries acne can be rather prevalent, heat and humidity being a great agent to this.

Of course it also depends on your genetics, stress levels, and other factors, but weather can be a great indicator to skin conditions in many countries and cultures.

So what is the truth about aging? As we age we produce less and less, if at all, collagen, and so our skin starts to dry up and needs more help from outside. Of course that alcohol consumption and smoking can aid the aging process tremendously!

So taking all these facts into account, you will need to adjust your selection of either lotions or creams accordingly.

4. Location, Location, Location!

These famous three words of the real estate industry! Surely you have heard of them – right?

Well, it can be true for our skin as well!

The place we live in has a direct impact on our skin’s well-being. As mentioned before, depending on the weather conditions and pollution levels, your skin is greatly affected, and you need to know to adjust its requirements accordingly.

Don’t underestimate the power of the weather,  even a “nice comfortable cloudy” day can be really high in UV radiation. A humid tropical rainy day can be laden in pollution and as the skin’s pores open up in warm humid condition, can you imagine what polluted air does to it?!

So taking into account your geographical surroundings is crucial for good skin care.

On another note, if you travel a lot, and find yourself in various time zones, climates and cultures throughout the year, it would be advisable to stock up on the appropriate Skin Care Creams and Lotions, to adjust to each new environment.

Though I would possibly advise you, in order to be economical and less cumbersome, to review your skin condition with a beautician, and see what hypoallergenic skin care regiment can be offered with the least hassle of bottles, cream pots & tubes. You do want to keep it simple, after all.

My Conclusion

So here your have it, what is the beauty of skin care creams and lotions all about!

As you can see there is not  one answer for all and we all need to take into account our personal individual situation and condition. I have created this website just for this, to give you easy access to excellent Skin Care Creams and Lotions at the best prices. If you know what you are looking for, just use the search bar at the right-hand top. If you just want to browse, then my home page gives you all the categories you will need!

Whatever your choice be it Skin Care Cream or Lotion, knowing how to use it effectively, is more important than anything else!

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