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Eyebrow Raising Tips

Shaping your eyebrows is no simple matter! And in these Eyebrow Raising Tips you may find simplicity after all!

The shape of your brows depend majorly on your eye shape and cheek bones! Yes! Your cheek bones! Why? Because your cheeks shape your face and set your eyes in a frame. You probably have seen those pictures with a pencil held from the tip of the nose to the forehead, the point pointing to where the eyebrow is supposed to begin, then the tip pointing to the center of the brow and then to the corner of the eye, the tip signifying where the arch of the brow is supposed to end.

Long lush eyebrows are considered the desirable frame to you eyes, whether they are thick or thin is a matter of choice and of facial traits. Not all faces suit thick eyebrows, and in today’s trendy fashion you can see many young women with disproportionate long thick eyebrows…which I personally can not understand nor do I like them!

The Shape of your Brow

The shape of your brow can be arched and can be angled. I personally find angled brows a little too sharp to my taste. The start of your brow should be thicker than its end in a gradient angled way.

Of course most of us are not born with such geometrical perfection, and for that we need to “sculpt” our brows with the aid of tweezers, waxing, threads, brow scissors eyebrow pencils, eyebrow shades & brushes. A plethora of accessories to gain the perfect shape.

Shaping Steps:

You want to first “clean” your brows from any unwanted hairs and trim those wild “jungle” hair down. For this you need to start with tweezers, scissors, eyebrow brush, and either wax or thread, depending on your choice.

  • Measure the shape of your brow with a pencil as shown in picture below
  • Start first by brushing your brow hair upwards and trimming the tips of the hairs in an arched way, be careful not to trim too deep.

  • Clear the underlying hairs from the bottom of the arch with tweezers. I personally recommend that if you are doing this at home then tweezers give you more control over each hair. Waxing can be tricky if you are not accustomed to it and are not sure of the exactness of your application. Remember every single little hair in your brow can make a big difference whether on or off your brow! So total control is what you want, that is why I recommend tweezers.

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  • Once you have cleared the under layer of your brow, brush your eyebrow in the way you want to have the final result, and see if is shaped and clean as you’d like it to be. If not, clean out what ever hair is necessary. Then with an eyebrow pencil, draw a  “shaping” line at the bottom of the brow.

  • It is important to note you should remove hairs only from the bottom part of the arch, never the top!

Here below is a short video of How to Tweeze Perfect Eyebrows. Kandee is really great at explaining how to get your perfect shape and though she speaks a little “fast” she explains it really well.

Designing Steps

So you have cleaned your brows, trimmed the top and drawn the base line. You should have an arch with the thicker part starts from your nose line and grading down towards the far corner of your eye.

Don’t worry if your brow doesn’t “flow” right through to the “end” angle, as we will fill it in now with the right eyebrow pencil and / or eyebrow shade.

  • If you choose to use an eyebrow pencil, you should make sure it is the same shade as your eyebrow hairs. Though if you have very light colored eyebrows or even “gray haired” eyebrows then take a slight shade darker but keeping in line with your hair color. You don’t want black eyebrows with red hair…it just doesn’t sit right! The same rule applies for eyebrow shadow.
  • Eyebrow pencils can be tricky as they can leave a tail-tail line and so it is important to “draw” in the color in line in light patting fashion, kind of like “dotting” the line (like the impressionism of Monet – if you know what I mean?)
  • With eyebrow shadow you should apply it with an angled short hard bristle brush. Make sure that after dabbing the brush into the compacted powder your lightly pat the brush onto your hand first to remove “excess” powder, otherwise you will get a big “blob” onto the thin brow and it will look “blotchy”! Brush gently from the wide end to the narrow end and if needed draw the line further than the end to complete the arch in accordance to your eye angle.

  • Fill in with the brush your brow to the thickness desired.

Fixing Up & Emboldening

Once your have your brows cleaned, shaped and filled in, you can make the final touch ups and fixes to your brows with a small brush and some foundation, lightly drawing and blurring the foundation under (and over if needed) the brow.

Putting some highlight under the brow, and over the eyelid with give a great emphasis to your brows.

New Eyebrow Trends

Nowadays there are several new gadgets out on the market to make eyebrow shaping very convenient and easy. They shorten our time in getting the exact shape right and can be very handy.

But the majority of these gadgets are aimed at rather “thick” eyebrows, and though they are nice, for our age group (50+) it may not suit all of us. You may want to try out some of these and below you can see a video that might help you decide!

My Conclusions

Having beautiful eyebrows can be easy with some practice and some effort. Also, it requires a little courage to overcome your fears of “messing things up”. Of course, none of us want “holes” in our eyebrows, or thinned out hairline brows. But all is fixable with the right tools and given the time and practice we can achieve very nice results.

I personally prefer the hands on approach, because I like to be in control, so I would not use the new trending gadgets. Also, my brows tend to be curly and when the hair gets too long it needs “taming”, so brush, tweezers, scissors and eyebrow powder are my “taming” tools =)

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I hope you have found this post useful and should you have any questions, suggestions or comments, I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy Your Beauty….


2 thoughts on “Eyebrow Raising Tips

  1. What a great tutorial on shaping eyebrows! Ever since I turned 50 my eyebrows are losing hairs! It’s frightening. I never use to have to ‘draw’ them on, but I have a patch on my left brow that is going bald! yikes! Anyway, I plan on using your tutorial because I’m not so great with plucking or styling them myself. Thank you!

    1. Your are more than welcome Jackie for the input – glad to be of assistance.

      Good luck with your brow shaping and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions! That’s what I am here fore =)

      Keep Enjoying Your Beauty…


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