Discover What Is The Power Of Acid! The Surprising Facts

Discover What Is The Power Of Acid! Surprising Facts That Will Change Your Skincare Regime!

I’ve got a question for you….Did you ever think what is the beauty of Acid? I mean, in the past couple of years there has been a lot of “hype” about Acids in skin care products  – so is there something we are missing here? What is the power of acid in skin care?

Acid and skincare are not usually associated to “go” together! Acid is a word which usually is associated with destructive, abrasive connotations and definitely not something that you would think to put anywhere near your skin!

However, in the cosmetic world Acids are quickly making their way in – you can find them in Serums, Lotions and Creams, with claims to boost & smooth your complexion, leaving your skin rejuvenated and glowing!

“The rise of acids in beauty products is mainly down to their exfoliating properties, plus can act as a catalyst to other skincare ingredients, boosting cell turnover and enhancing your glow,” says skin expert Dr. Howard Murad.

Some market surveys have reported that 30% of facial skincare users will choose products that have a scientific background.  And so it can be seen that many cosmetic companies have incorporated the most common acid that is found in skin care, the famous Hyaluronic Acid (have you tried to pronounce this?!) Hyaluronic Acid is a key ingredient in many cosmetic skin care products.

Did you know the facts – that between January and May 2016, Hyaluronic Acid was to be found in 26% of facial skin care products which was divided in several categories of which; 46% was in eye care and 6% in body care right across global product launches!

It can be safely said that the power of Acid skin care products is definitely here to stay!

Acid Skincare – What is it?

Acids are exfoliating ingredients that make our skin feel fresh and glowy! That is great! Give me some of this!

Doctor and founder of Lixirskin, Colette Haydon explains “There are many different acids but the main groups are Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), she says.All acids have an exfoliating effect but AHAs can be used by all skin types whilst BHAs are good for people with problematic skin as they have an anti-bacterial effect and prevent clogged pores,” adds Haydon.

What is AHA’s & BHA’s

AHA acids is a family of acids that includes glycolic, lactic, lactobionic and azelaic. These challenge the skin’s surface, and because of this they are best for dry to normal or aging complexions.

BHA acids include salicylic, which enters the skin and “works” the pores so is found to be best for oily, acne-prone complexions.

Acid for You – Which One is Best?

OK, so with all these wonderful new Acid products on the market, how do you know what to choose? Which one will suit your skin best?

Acidity is measured by its pH level, or you could say its acidic percentage. So when considering the purchase of an Acidic based serum, lotion or cream, it is very important to take into consideration its pH balance.

There are two forms of acids that are used in skin care, one is called “Free acid” and the other “ionized form” acid.  The ionized form of acid has difficulty penetrating through oily skin’s lipid layers, whereas the free acid is able to penetrate easily.

The lower the pH of a skin care product the more “free acid” will be present, allowing it to penetrate more easily.

So how do you know? Well if it tingles, and leaves your skin glowing immediately, it works! Simple!

Many cosmetic companies combine lower pH acids with vitamin C which is an anti-inflammatory ingredient to lessen the irritation and also make the penetration more effective.

The Acid List

Each acid provides its own special benefits. To shed some light on the matter here is a list to guide you:

Glycolic Acid: The most potent acid of all, in skin care products. It is usually used for aging skin care products. You should avoid using it too frequently, but its gift of regenerating collagen is a big bonus and hard to ignore!

Try: Hydro-Glow Aqua Peel by Murad

Or try Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel By Dr. Dennis Gross

Lactic Acid: As it gently exfoliates, it hydrates the skin. This little gem’s secret is that is doubles as an antioxidant which helps thwart skin damage.

Try: PHA+ Bio Peel Resurfacing Facial Pads by Zelens

Salicylic Acid: This is a teenagers dream! It clears the skin from acne and also acts as an antimicrobial exfoliant! Just what my daughter needs!

Try: Clear Regular Strength 2% BHA Exfoliant by Paula’s Choice

Lactobionic Acid: Excellent for dull and grey skin as it smoothes your skin tone and reduces oxidative stress. Great for career ladies who are stuck in fluorescent offices day in – day out!

TryFormula+ by Dr Frances Prenna Jones,

Azelaic Acid: The hard working acid of the lot, as it controls your oil levels in the skin (sebum) and helps heal scar tissue and persistent pigmentation.

TryAzelaic Acid Suspension by The Ordinary

Acid Combinations – Acid Cocktail?

You may have a combination skin, what is commonly known as a T-zone where your pores are oily along your nose and forehead, while your cheeks, jaws and gentle eye area are dryer.

That is where you may want to mix, combine, “cocktail” up both AHAs & BHAs for a synergetic effect.

Mixing these acids together will give problem prone skin a radiant, plumper and smooth look, evening out any uneven skin tone, while the fine lines, pores and blackheads & breakouts will look reduced.

You may want to try out Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, Step 1 Cleanse/Tone

Or Skin Medica AHA/BHA Cream, 2 Ounce

When & How Much?

Each one of us is made differently and so we have different needs. For some of us it may work really well and you may apply it on a daily basis, but for others, it may be more appropriate on a weekly basis.

One thing is for sure, it is really important to use a good moisturizer in conjunction with your acid treatment because it only makes sense “what you take off” with the acid you have to replace – and that is preferably with a good quality moisturizer.

Advice – if you have never used an acid formula before, it would be best to start out with a once a week application.  Another way to “introduce” acid to your complexion is in the form of a mask or an overnight booster.

Acidic treatments will considerably firm up sagging skin, smooth-out texture and even-out skin tones while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

Once the dead skin cells have been removed, your moisturizer will be able to penetrate much more effectively.

Anti Aging Skin Care – Aging Smart!

Because Acid increases the renewal of skin cells it is very effective for aging skin. The exfoliation of the acid promotes epidermal cell renewal which in turn creates a much more refined, brighter and radiant skin complexion.

What actually happens is that a “renewal” message is passed on to the skin and so stimulates the connective tissue (fibroblast) activity and in doing so promotes hyaluronic and protein synthesis which then improves the retention of moisture and so help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, that if you ask me, is aging smart!

And while on the subject of smart – be cautious not to rush and “throw on” your next available Acid Serum or formula as some irritation can be caused a few days afterward, so go easy and start off gently.

Also, be sure to use an SPF moisturizer, during the day, to increase the skin barrier protection.

My Conclusion

So now you have received the low-down of what is the best skin care products for rejuvenating your skin and possibly have a deeper understanding of what is the power of Acid for your skin.

Deciding to use Acid Skincare products can be a difficult and confusing decision, this article comes to clarify the facts and help you select the most suitable treatment for your skin. Remember, there is not one answer for all, and you may need to try several products before finding the right one for you.

But with this guide, you will be sure to make a smarter decision for sure!

Would love to hear your comments on your experiences with Acid Skin Care Products – just leave a comment below!

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  1. What an amazing article! I’ve studied how we need to balance our PH levels in our bodies and keep our bodies at a neutral level to maintain our health. I’m curious if this increased acid is necessary due to our nutrition as a whole, do you know? Also, I wanted to know whether the acids are chemically engineered or natural? Thanks for your great article. You were very thorough and really peaked my interest in these acids.

    1. Hi Tiffany, thanks for dropping by. Acids act as exfoliants for our skin and in a natural setting we would find them in various plants, fruits and possibly mud – Deadsea mud is known to rejuvenate the skin.  What we eat affects the well being of our skin but does not help in rejuvenating or exfoliating it.  Definitely ingesting collagen food supplements can improve your skin’s condition.   The majority of the acid products available on the market are chemically engineered for best results, as nature is much “softer” than our “desired need” for anti aging solutions.

      Keep Enjoying Your Beauty –  Orion

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