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Healthy Skin Care Tips – Your 5 minutes daily routine

Good Morning World!

Isn’t it great to wake up all refreshed from a good night sleep and then “groggily” walk to the bathroom only to see a bewildered face in the mirror! Oh! Gosh! Not again! Saggy eyes, sleep lines from the pillow case on your cheeks and you wonder …. what’s so wonderful about this morning again? That’s when you need some good Healthy Skin Care Tips!

So I would like to give your here,  a 5-minute routine full of Healthy Skin Care Tips that you can adopt quickly and get the best results for your skin to carry on throughout the day!

Healthy Skin Care Tips - Your 5 minutes daily routine
Woman washing face with washcloth over sink, side view

Firstly, Healthy Skin-Care “law” demands that you always wash your face in warm water – not HOT – as it dries out the skin.

If you are a morning shower person, and yes ladies, not everyone is a morning shower person! Then part of this skin-care routine can be done in the shower to start with.

So, wash your face with some mild soap. It can be a natural organic soap, or a regular bar of soap so long as it is mild. I personally use regular soap and pay attention to my T-zone, as it is still the oiliest part of my face (even at 50!). After having washed, rinsed and dried my face I use a non-alcohol based facial toner with a light cotton swab and pat my face and neck with it gently.

Of course, some of you might prefer to use facial cleansers, cream and or oils, each to her own preference. I have tried them all over the years and I have found myself returning to the mild bar of soap each time…

Then apply your daytime moisturizer evenly all over, preferably with some level of UV protection. Let it dry before starting to apply the rest of your makeup routine, that is the most important!

Good Evening World!

So you’ve come to the end of the day, after a hectic day at the office, traffic, maybe some drinks after work with some friends, or a family dinner and here you are again, in front of the mirror before your shower. You remove your eye make up gently with a cotton swab and the appropriate eye make-up remover, I personally use a petroleum-based cream or gel, that does the trick really good, and I don’t worry too much about the “greasy” feeling it leaves as I wash my face in the shower with the mild soap I used in the morning.

If you have heavy makeup on, I would suggest to soap your face twice, rinsing well between each time. Again, after drying well, wipe your face gently with a facial toner (non-alcohol), let it dry a little before applying your night cream moisturizer that should be richer than your morning “daytime” moisturizer and without any UV protection to it! (There is no sun at night! )

Et Voila! This routine is very basic and I am sure that many of you know it from “teenagehood”. Remember, simple is best! Your face doesn’t need too much on a daily basis. Good cleaning & moisturizing skin-care routines are enough for it. Of course, once in a while it will want & need your TLC of a facial or some other skin-care treatment, but that’s for another time.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about skin care routines or want to leave your own personal opinion, leave a comment below.

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12 thoughts on “Healthy Skin Care Tips – Your 5 minutes daily routine

  1. Hi Orion,

    Facial healthy skin care is important, I think. Your method of skin care is simple and you don’t recommend other expensive products for good clean skin care. I pretty much almost follow this routine of skin care because I like to do things simple.

    It’s funny you mentioned it best to use a cream moisturizer without UV before bedtime. Lately, that’s what I’ve been using because I’ve run out of my nighttime moisturizer. I’ll need to buy my night cream soon.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. Hi Rosa, 

      Glad you enjoyed my post! Indeed using your “day UV” moisturizer is better than nothing, but do get yourself a night cream soon, as it isn’t good to be with UV cream at night – it clogs your pores as you sleep and you may end up with “black heads” or other skin blemishes that you really don’t want!

      Hope you keep enjoying my input

      Enjoy your Beauty…


  2. Hello and thanks for sharing these seem to be some very good and effective ways to really take care of your skin. Your tips are pretty amazing and I know that a lot of women will find what you are sharing to be pretty helpful in helping them to take care of their skin. Your post is well detailed and is a great help.

    1. Hello Norman,

      Thanks for your input. I am glad you show interest in my post. 

      It would be worthy to note that these tips are just as good for men as they are for women – we all have skin, and we all need to take care of it. Of course there are slightly different creams on the market for men, and now you have given me a great idea to write posts for men skin care as well!


      Hope you’ll hang around and keep interest in my posts.

      Cheers & yes…though I sign off to my female audience in the following way, I think it is suitable for men too…

       Enjoy Your Beauty…” 


  3. Great routine here. I think an absolute key is sticking to the regimen and being consistent. How long has you been taking such great care of your skin? I would have guessed you were 10+ years younger! Now that is some credibility 🙂 Great post!

    1. Thanks, Eric, yes I have been doing this routine for over 35 years now, and I guess these are the benefits of “preventive action” and starting young.
      But it is definitely never too late for anyone to start taking care of their skin. There are great skin care products on the market today that can help reduce the marks and wrinkles, you are welcome to look at my Skin Tightening Treatment post and at my Anti Aging Reviews to choose a product that can suit you. And even though it is written to the “female” audience, many of these products can suit the “male” audience too.
      Keep Enjoying Your Handsomeness!

  4. This is great tips for skin care. It is simple and didn’t need lot of time to do that. you even suggest use a regular as long as it is mild. It is great don’t need expensive one. Women will like this tips. Thanks for sharing this idea

    1. Hi Henry, thanks for dropping by, for some reason I missed your comment back in June (OMG!!!) Yes, this is a simple and short routine, I like to keep things as simple as possible – really! That way you can be sure you won’t “give it up” too quickly!
      As for men or women, this routine can be applied by both genders! Everyone can benefit from it!
      Keep Enjoying Your Handsomeness!

  5. Hey Orion

    Great post you have written. I think having a skin care routine is extremely important. I have mine that makes me feel fresh and clean skinned everyday.
    I think that as our skin ages to it really helps to keep the skin soft and young. Our skin also changes a lot as we age. If we spent a lot of time in the sun when we were younger it’s really important to watch for changes in spots. Having a skin care routine is a perfect way to stay in touch with our bodies and notice changes.
    Thanks again for your post!
    Regards Hailey

    1. Thanks Hailey for dropping by! Yes, a simple and quick skin care routine can guarantee that we will stick to it for years to come! As life becomes more busy with work, kids, husband, life… All these can take their toll on our skin and show at a later age.
      Keep Enjoying Your Beauty – Orion

  6. Hi Orion, I usually clean my face use cleansing milk only then wipe it use tissue or facial cotton without applying face tonic because I don’t want my skin to dry. Your article give me an idea to wash my face with warm water after cleansing it with milk cleanser. Thank you.

    1. Hello Melani, thanks for joining me here, using a facial toner is actually very much advised as it prepares the pores to receive your serum and facial moisturizer. A good Alcohol-free skin toner can be very beneficial and will not dry out your skin. You are welcome to have a look at my post on facial toners and choose one that may suit your skin type.
      Keep Enjoying Your Beauty – Orion

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